St Elizabeth's RC VA Primary School / Bethnal Green

St Elizabeth’s RC VA Primary School was formed in 2002 following the amalgamation of an infants and junior school. A thriving multi-cultural school of 430 located in Bethnal Green, the buildings also house a 50 place nursery which is open throughout the year. Previously occupying separate buildings on the same site, the amalgamation of an infants and junior school created the need for additional space for teaching and support staff as well as pupils and parents to interact.

A central assembly hall and administration office were required, with changes in education policy bringing about the need for more non-contact space. After discussions with the school we decided to link the separate buildings by activating the courtyards between them. Circulation was rationalised within covered walkways around the courtyards encouraging interaction. The new gardens have become a valuable teaching resource as well as space for recreation within an area which suffers from a lack of green spaces. By enhancing the existing buildings we were able to retain the best features of the two previous buildings whilst creating a unified whole.

The works affected an area of 3,000sqm and were carried out while the school was in occupation. The scheme was completed within the target capital budget of £600,000, and completed in 2004.

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