Clarendon Road / Watford

Cockcroft Building University of Brighton

Cockcroft Building / University of Brighton

IBM Studios South Bank London

IBM Studios / South Bank London

Meanwhile Use of a former Secondary School

National Surgical Innovation Centre

National Surgical Innovation Centre / Queen Mary University London

IBM Hursley

Leading Technology Company Office Fit-out / Winchester

IBM Studios Hursley Hampshire

IBM Studios Hursley / Hampshire

Agri-Infomatics Building

Agricultural Informatics Research Centre / Bedford

IBM Marks Lane

IBM Mark Lane / London

Flexible Teaching Space / London Business School

Waste Treatment Centre

Envac Vacuum Waste Collection Centre / London

Water Sciences Research Building

Water Sciences Research Centre / Bedford

Barking Town Hall

Barking Town Hall / Barking & Dagenham

Student Services Centre

Student Services Centre / Kingston University

Reception / City University

Reception / City University London

IBM Innovation Centre Reception

IBM Innovation Centre Reception / Winchester

IBM Innovation Centre Hursley

IBM Innovation Centre Hursley / Hampshire

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