Narford Road / Hackney

We were appointed by One Housing Group to develop this former backland industrial site in Hackney, bounding a conservation area. Our scheme at Narford Road Hackney seeks to maximise the site for affordable housing. The development provides 44 apartments, including 18 being part of a discrete Care and Support scheme. The 62 new homes are a mixture of family housing and single person flats, to meet the needs of local people.

The principle of the scheme is to respect and replicate the scale of existing buildings surrounding it, creating a sensitive design, which takes into account site security. The development ranges from one storey, to four storeys with the lower buildings strategically placed to avoid overlooking and overshadowing of the neighbouring residential gardens; solar and privacy shading, and the use of high level, carefully orientated windows are employed to prevent overlooking. There is the use of soft landscaping elements on the site including trees, shrubs and other planting. Planning approval was granted in March 2010.

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