Shoot Up Hill / Kilburn

Six new homes on an end of terrace infill site in Kilburn, North London for Notting Hill/Genesis. The apartments are a mix of one, two and tree bedrooms with amenity space.

Consistent with the scale of the surrounding area, the four storey building has been conceived as a villa block which acts as a bookend to the terraced housing on Maygrove Road. The street facing facade has been articulated with an extended entrance porch , which contains the entrances to the apartment block, the large lower ground floor family sized 3B unit, bin/ bike store and terraced balcony for the 2B wheelchair unit.

On the upper floors the private amenity balconies have been articulated as a bay type structure which picks up on the language of the adjoining terraced housing and other properties in the surrounding area, but in a contemporary manner.

The top floor has a notched profile in plan which not only helps reduce the overall massing but also helps to give an articulated roof profile and provides and sunny south facing terrace.

Through the careful positioning of windows entrances and balconies, the proposal improves the public realm by activating the street frontage and promoting passive surveillance.

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