Garrett Lane / Wandsworth

The proposed masterplan is composed of two character areas, designed to blend in well with the existing context whilst individually creating a sense of place. These two areas are arranged off Oakshaw Road, which becomes an essential spine connecting the sites. The Oakshaw Gardens character area is at the busier, north end of the site surrounded by a variety of architectural styles, including the listed Earlsfield House. The busy Garratt Lane frontage is an important defining characteristic. As a result, the proposed 4/5 storey buildings on this site have a more civic quality and comprise healthcare, retail and flats. A public square at the heart of this area provides much-needed public amenity space and relief from the main road.

To the east of Garratt Lane, our proposal reflects the residential nature of this area. The Waverton Square character area has a smaller scale – two/three storeys of houses and flats overlooking a landscaped shared surface and private / communal gardens. The area features mature trees and architecture of a more domestic nature. The new pedestrian throughway – Wilna Walk becomes the node which mainly features two/three storey houses and private gardens. Two blocks of flats are positioned to “book-end” the walk and activate the elevations either side.

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