This project provides modern Cryostore facilities in a sensitive central London site. We worked closely with QMUL and their specialist suppliers to design a new building that provides a serious upgrade on their previous building. The 145m2 building has a central store room for 20 cryogenic storage vessels that can each hold 94,000 vial samples at temperatures as low as -190C. There is also an office & changing room space plus an external oak-clad compound for a 5300 litre liquid nitrogen bulk tank.

The building incorporates the latest ventilation technology to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for scientists & researchers.

We used a simple palette of natural materials to create a discreet building that sits quietly next to large listed buildings in the heart of a research campus. The building has a wildflower meadow green roof providing a large natural habitat for native plants, birds & insects – as well as an attractive ‘fifth elevation’ for the surrounding buildings that overlook the site.

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