Redcliffe Way – Bristol

FBM were shortlisted for the Goram Homes competition – the development of a brownfield site opposite the Grade I listed St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol.

Our designs propose a series of squares and lanes that create new active routes and public spaces, intended to connect the town centre with the church. Along this route we placed a series of outdoor spaces and rooms to activate the ground floor and create a great journey for pedestrians.

Two contrasting ground floor spaces are also proposed, with a linear channel with high level bridges activating the space, inspired by Shad Thames London. A larger courtyard or small square, with a paved surface and two lines of cherry trees, delineate an urban-style living room. Largely car free with disabled parking spaces in the square, these intimate spaces contrast with the openness of the surrounding area.

Our design philosophy was to create tight compact spaces that reference the medieval townscape and atmosphere. Four towers act as gatehouses to the courtyard, and are arranged casually to reduce the formality by breaking up the building massing whilst acknowledging the tall spire of St Mary’s Church.

Clear thresholds and demarcation between public and private, where also important, with the public spaces heavily overlooked to ensure a safe and secure environment. Future adaptability was considered, with the ground floor spaces opening onto the square and planned so that they could be converted into residential. Roof gardens on the new homes help green up the scheme and integrate with the trees in the church yard.

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