World of Golf / Croydon

Our scheme provides 159 new homes – predominantly townhouses of two to three storeys, arranged in a recognisable layout informed by and encouraging connections to the surrounding context. This arrangement of accommodation has sought to balance the need to limit the footprint of the new development on the site, whilst respecting heights of the surrounding buildings. Apartments are located to the north, rising to four storeys, making use of the change in level to reduce their apparent height when viewed from the site boundary. A new 15,000sqm public park occupies 40% of the site, wrapping around the northern, western and southern edges and provides public access through the site for the first time and significantly improved biodiversity.

A pedestrian boulevard connects the park to Long Lane providing a significantly improved route to the Arena Tram Stop. Since the Enclosure Act, this site has been used as agricultural land and for a brief period was occupied by a piggery; it is only in the recent past that the site has had an alternative use. Our proposals seek to re-connect with the site with its past, offering scope community food production with raised planters set within the boulevard and space for stalls for selling produce in a square to the southeastern corner of the site, adjoining the new 600sqm community centre.

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