Natural History Museum / Waterhouse Link Gallery / London

A project at the Natural History Museum to carry out restoration work and build a new gallery link reflecting the existing Waterhouse aesthetic.

The symmetry innate in the Waterhouse design was fractured over time as the museum and surrounding spaces have been developed over the years. The introduction of a route from East to West connects the Earth Galleries to the Darwin Centre, whilst ‘repairing a break’ in the original symmetry.


Restoring the Waterhouse building, our proposal offers the reclaiming of the North alcoves of the Waterhouse North Hall. We have opened up these spaces so that a clear view is given from inside the cafe area to the original windows on the North facade, and in addition, allows more natural light to enter the space. Our scheme for the Waterhouse Gallery Link seeks to direct the view within the new gallery upwards by glazing the roof, to show the impressive towers above.

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