Killinarden Masterplan - Dublin

In collaboration with Smith Kennedy Architects, FBM have been appointed by Ó Cualann Cohousing Alliance and Sisk to develop a masterplan of 635 mixed tenure homes in Killinarden, South West Dublin.  The scheme involves a new network of defined, permeable and traffic calmed streets, squares and gardens that tie into the existing community.

The urban plan seeks to adhere to many of the principles of the 15-minute city, in which most daily necessities and services can be easily reached by a 15-minute walk or bike ride from the home.  This approach aims to reduce car dependency, promote healthy and sustainable living, and improve wellbeing and quality of life for residents. The dedicated cycle routes are connected to the nearby public roads, expanding the sustainable transport network.

The proposals provide a range of home types including terraced homes, stacked maisonettes and corner block apartments, creating a low rise, medium density housing model. All homes have front door access, creating a sense of neighbourliness and community.

A number of public parks and open spaces throughout the development including Elder Park, the Foothills Way, West Park and a number of urban parks and pocket parks are proposed. All homes are provided with a combination of private gardens, balconies or terraces. The proposal also includes an extensive ecological planting area south of the Foothills Way, and amendments to the northern portion of the existing sports facility adjoining Elder Park to facilitate a new dedicated car park and new sports pitch.

A local Hub centre to the northern edge of the plan clusters a creche, live/work units and additional commercial space around a shared surface public square. A small café and shop is proposed along Main Avenue adjoining Horan’s Square.

Planning permission was granted in March 2023, with construction of the first phase due to commence in 2024.

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