IBM Studios / South Bank London

IBM Studios on the London South Bank represent the new world of work and a ‘model’ environment for co-located, creative cross-functional and design teams. The re-planned space achieves maximum density and efficiency; meeting IBM’s e-place principles. Located in IBM’s Headquarters in London’s South Bank, the design studios delivered by Fraser Brown MacKenna provide a hub for IBM design in London. The Studios host local teams from IBM Interactive Experience (the largest digital agency in the world), IBM Marketing Innovation Group, as well as housing local IBM product designers.

The project offers a dynamic and vibrant workplace, designed to incite active interaction between people and increase productivity. Designers are given ample space to work collectively on Squiggle glass and pin-it up ideas on magnetic movable walls. The implementation of LED screens also offers a vibrant setting to showcase their most creative and innovative ideas to clients. There are 45 designated desk spaces for e-business, as well as the use of agile furniture, meeting pods, media: scape, teamwork benches and causal seating; thus catering for the needs of up to 115 users in total. It provides the employees with a variety of work settings from collaborative creative tasks, to individual reflective spaces for concentration.

The Studios reference the past with the mural of Selectric Typewriter designed by IBM in 1961 as well as providing room to showcase IBM’s most recent developments in the specially allocated media: scape area. A red ‘K6’ telephone box is also located in the new space – a design classic and a London icon; it establishes it’s own identity within IBM’s Headquarters and functions as an additional space for private phone conversations.

The project was successfully completed within the programme timeframe and the fit out was carried out whilst the surrounding parts of the building were in occupation.

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