Reception / City University London

We were appointed to improve the customer contact environment at the Northampton Square Campus in Islington. The University has sought to enhance customer experience at the main entrances to its campus buildings – reflecting its aim to be at the heart of the city and the aspiration to contribute to the capital’s academic, cultural and business life.

Where security guards were posted at the principal entrances, receptionists are now being located here to provide a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ for information and access control.

Our brief was to develop an enhanced customer journey experience including a new waiting area and information desk. Delivering the project involved re-designing the scheme post-contract award after it became apparent that a major upstand beam that was buried within a wall and not shown on record drawings, could not be moved. We used the beam as the new reception desk, wrapped in red Corian. The project was completed in September 2009.

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