Riverside Apartments Approved - Wey Corner, Guildford

We were granted planning permission for the new development on Wey Corner to the north of Guildford town centre. An exciting riverside residential scheme for Bellway Homes in Surrey will replace an industrial unit to provide 56 high quality new homes across a 0.38 ha site. Nineteen homes will be affordable apartments with thirty seven provided for open market sale. Facing Walnut Tree Close, the building line follows the curve of the site, presenting a defined frontage to the street. On the River Wey elevation, a concave building form responds to the bend of the river, pulled back from the edge of the site to create a generous zone for landscaped amenity. The distinctive roof profile has been designed to be sympathetic to the surrounding context, which includes the River Wey and Godalming Navigations Conservation Area. Taking cues from the historic warehouse buildings further along the river, an undulating gabled profile recalls their wharfside character.

A landscaped public route through the site on the corner of Walnut Tree Close will run eastwards, connecting with the River Wey footpath and opening up the views across and along the river. This pedestrian route will bisect the site, creating two smaller buildings to provide visual and physical permeability. Both buildings will feature a mix of one-bed and two-bed units, each with a generous private balcony.

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