Stonebridge Site 27 / Brent

The proposed development at Stonebridge Site 27 Brent, providing 153 to 172 new homes, marks the final phase of regeneration on the Stonebridge Estate. Respecting the intricate urban ecology that the site sits within formed our key design driver, punctuating the building form to include a public ‘street park’ and private ‘sky gardens’ within a sustainable and vibrant development. New homes are provided within terraces around the site perimeter, contrasting with the open character at the centre, where taller ‘pavilions’ containing apartments are set within a sequence of unique landscaped areas. The retained buildings on the western edge of the site are remodelled to provide live/work units and the new estate office.


Private, double height ‘sky gardens’ are recessed into the main pavilion, bringing life and activity to the facade and allow sunlight to permeate through to the central garden. Set-back and projecting balconies repeat this language on a smaller scale, with private amenity space that is not overlooked by other residents.

A ‘street park’ perforates the ground floor level to allow connections to the park to the south, Knatchbull Road to the north and Beams Road to the west. Moving the existing car park to an underground location allowed us to extend the park through the centre of the site; forming a vibrant, urban oasis offering a pleasant green pedestrian link to the surrounding context.

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