Pontoon Dock / River Thames / London

Pontoon Dock is a unique high-density mixed-use development consisting of three towers arranged around landscaped public plazas forming a central hub, to be enjoyed by the emerging community. The scheme offers residential, retail and commercial space and links the DLR station directly to the Barrier Park creating a new public realm as well as high-quality, desirable living spaces with views over the Thames.

The new development is arranged in three towers set above a podium level, they are oriented to reflect the strong northeast/south-west landscape axis set by the Thames Barrier Park and the Green Dock. Residential accommodation is arranged across the towers, each providing five to seven apartments per floor. The towers are oriented so as to maximise views from the apartments across Silvertown Quays to the north, or the River Thames to the south. Winter gardens, rather than balconies serve the north facing apartments, providing high quality private amenity space for these homes.

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