Fulneck / Tower Hamlets

The Fulneck building occupies a corner location at the junction of two of the most important roads in a conservation area – Mile End Road and Stepney Green. The new building now replaces the former Fulneck House, which was demolished before construction went ahead.

Fulneck is one of four residential blocks that together form the Stepney Green Estate. The new development offers 78 new homes, one-third of which provide three or more bedrooms suitable for families and benefit from more private amenity space than before. Set within a ‘T’ shaped building across four storeys, and above an undercroft car park; the layout of the building creates two small courtyards, the southern edge of which is defined by a row of garages. Remodelling of the ground floor of the adjoining Gracehill block, together with landscaping improvements, now connects the two courtyards within the estate for the first time.

The project involved extensive resident consultation, using interpreters to assist in communicating with the largely Bangladeshi population. Responding to the particular needs of the local population, we were able to adapt the interior design to meet specific cultural and religious needs, whilst maintaining compliance with the London Housing Design Guide and SHG’s own design standards.

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