Peabody Trust / Former Plaistow Hospital / Newham

Our design for the Peabody Trust competition on the site of the Former Plaistow Hospital (celebrating their 150th Anniversary), offered an exciting but ‘natural’ solution, that forms part of the evolving history of the area. New homes provided within terrace houses around the site perimeter and pavilions in the centre were set in a sequence of unique landscaped zones. The design of the new buildings and the hard and soft landscaping work together to create high quality, pleasant, safe and useful public and private spaces.

An access square to the south announced the main route through the site, whilst pavilions integrated into a rich mix of landscape elements, each of which had a clearly defined purpose, focused on the needs and interests of residents. Generating connections with the landscape was an important element of our design. Each home benefited from a private terrace or balcony. The tallest pavilion, five storeys in height also provided a communal terrace for residents to share.

There was a total of 150 homes including: 38 three and four bed maisonettes, 26 three bed apartments, 55 two bed apartments, 29 one bed apartments and 2 live/ work units. We were awarded Finalist for the 150 Homes for 150 Years Architectural Competition in 2012.

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