Cedar Lawns / Walthamstow

Client:  London Borough of Waltham Forrset  + Jerram Falkus

Location:  Leyton Green Road, E10

Duration:  2018 – 2024

Density:  47 Homes

The project entailed the redevelopment of 0.339 hectare site to provide 47 new homes for Waltham Forest Council. The development sits on the site of a vacant respite care centre. The design repairs the urban grain by introducing two new terraces, one re-establishing a street frontage along Leyton Green Road, the other located to the east, forming a mews street between, leading on to private gardens, a shared communal garden and a play area. The terraces are principally organised as two stored family sized duplexes with individual front doors to the street and private gardens facing the mews, with apartments above. The block organisation allowed for the introduction of gentil density to the area to optimise delivery of new homes, whilst respecting the grain and character of the surrounding context.

The Landscape and share amenity has been organised to create a high-quality setting for the proposed residential development. The Central mews courtyard forms a high-quality communal space, providing opportunities for residents to meet, socialise and relax. It also provides informal play opportunities for the Under 5’s. Play spaces mainly aimed at the Under 5’s and 5-11 years age ranges have been situated at the northern corner of the site.


The material treatment and articulation of the facades are a contemporary response to the surrounding context, with careful attention paid to the detailing of the entrance to each home. The character and appearance of the proposal employs a level of repetition across its façades. From a constructional point of view, value was added by maximising repetitive building components and off-site manufacturing to reduce build cost & programme and maintain quality control. The vertical emphasis of openings; recessed and projecting balconies emphasise the façade’s solidity and mass, giving the overall composition presence. A range of two different brick types and tones are used to integrate the project into its varied context.

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